General RNC Info

RNC Maps

  • Master Map: map
  • Parade Routemap
  • Speakers Platformmap
  • Vending Zones: stationary (map), mobile (map)
  • Road Closures: July 17 (map), July 18-21 (map), all dates (text)

Permit Info

  • Event zone RNC permit application: link, pdf (outdated maps, routes, & times)
  • Event zone ordinance: original list (pdf), amendments (pdf)
  • Event zone banned items: list (pdf)
  • Granted RNC permit applications: dropbox
  • Non-event zone permit applications: link, pdf

Documents related to the Ohio ACLU’s RNC litigation are available here.

Please also check out our Know Your Rights information and our What to Expect During the RNC slideshow


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