Legal Support Preparations

LOhatsOver the past year, the Ohio Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild has issued a press release regarding the City of Cleveland’s use of lime-green identifiers for volunteer marshals; created and distributed Ohio-specific Know Your Rights cards; co-launched with Cleveland Action; coordinated jail support, legal support, legal observers, and pro bono legal defense for those arrested during the Brelo verdict protests with Cleveland Action and the Black Movement Law Project; met with Cleveland city officials along with Black Movement Law Project to discuss the arrest of Legal Observers, kettling of protesters, and treatment of arrestees during the Brelo verdict protest; filed an amicus brief on the Cleveland/DOJ consent decree with the Collaborative for a Fair, Safe, and Just Cleveland and Cleveland NAACP; submitted a declaration in an ACLU complaint against the City of Cleveland regarding the chilling effect that Legal Observer arrests has had on LO recruitment; issued a press release and authored a Guild Notes article on Brelo verdict demonstrators; and held numerous Legal Observer trainings and dispatched Legal Observers as requested.

Check out CLE Movement Law to learn more about Cleveland’s current legal and jail support structure.

Click here to view slides from the Ohio NLG’s “What to Expect at the 2016 RNC” presentation at the NLG Mideast Regional Conference last March.


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